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General Information

Why Polyethylene Foam?
Polyethylene foam is an environmentally friendly and extremely lightweight product that boasts excellent insulation and performance characteristics. Available in a wide range of colours, polyethylene foam can be foamed into many shapes in a variety of densities, ranging from 2 pounds to 22 pounds per cubic foot. In tubing, ITP offers a full range of inside diameter choices from as small as 1/8" I.D. to as large as 4-1/2" I.D. and in various wall thicknesses, creating a tube to match your specification.

What is a Custom Profile Product?
Custom profile products are specially designed foam products that are produced only on a customer-specific basis. These specialized shapes are extruded with a particular application in mind and represent a broad range of categories: tubes, rods, planks and more. Colours, densities and shapes can all be modified to suit most applications as needed.

What is Extruded Polyethylene Foam?
The process of making high quality polyethylene foam begins with thermoplastic raw materials, colorants and additives. Adjustments are modified to create the desired density, structure and colour, and to add beneficial characteristics like flame retardancy and UV-stability. When it comes to Custom Profiles, this is where we bring your specific needs to life.

The ingredients are gravity fed into a blender and thoroughly mixed before moving into the extruder where they are heated to a molten state. The now homogenous mixture is then pushed through a precise die in the extrusion process. When it meets the air, the mixture expands to roughly 20 times its size! The extruded polyethylene foam is then cooled and cut to create the desired shape.